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How It Works:

All inmates must fit a certain criteria in order to qualify for the Prime For Life program.
Once enrolled, the inmate must complete the entire 20 hour program.

Successful completion along with judge's consent results in a 25% reduction of the inmate’s jail sentence.

Since Mary Hammons implemented this program 2/10/11, the 27% reduction has saved Knox County

Savings to Knox County

This program is ENTIRELY FUNDED by profit made
providing commissary items to the prisoners.


The program started 2/10/11...
As of 8/28/14
323 Inmates have been through the program.

Prime For Life: Substance Abuse Program Detailed Description

Prime For Life is a 20 hour education program for adults and youth that focuses on alcohol and drug prevention and intervention.
Its content is carefully selected to help people reduce their risk for alcohol and drug problems throughout their life.
The program’s non-judgmental approach reduces resistance to the life-saving information presented in the program. It also increases the student's openness to change. The information presented to the inmates is based on documented research findings...rather than opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics.

Prime For Life: Program Director: Vivian Bingham

  • She holds a Master's Degree and Rank 1 in Education.
  • Retired from Knox County School System, 29 years as a teacher and guidance counselor.
  • Certified counselor for Alcohol/Drug abuse last 13 years
    • 9 Cumberland River Comp Care.
    • 4 Her own private practice.
  • She also volunteers at the jail, something we greatly appreciate.

Click here to view the Prime For Life Tracking Sheet.




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